Dear Friend of iVoterGuide,

Fall is in full swing and snowfall is being reported in parts of the country, but one area that is not cooling down—politics!

Voting is underway. The climax—Election Day—is closing in. And many people are asking us, “How do I get the most out of iVoterGuide?” They’re also asking, What do I tell a friend who asks for voting advice?” The answers to both questions are often related.

So let me offer three straight-to-the-point tips:

First, USE iVoterGuide.

That may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get distracted in the deafening din from campaigns and the media. I know people whose voicemail, texts, emails, physical mailboxes, and landlines have “blown up” with campaign ads. TV, radio, the internet—all are on fire with spin and messaging.

But iVoterGuide helps you cut through the confusion. Our staff and volunteer researchers have done the work for you, showing you if candidates share your values and interests.

Whether you want a high-level evaluation of each candidate or a deeper look at the data, iVoterGuide puts the relevant research in your hands.

Second, SHARE iVoterGuide with your friends.

One of our sayings is “Friends don’t let friends make uninformed votes.” And it’s true. As a friend, Christian, or patriot, when you have a resource that can impart wisdom to others and your country . . . don’t keep it to yourself!

You might email our link. You might share it on social media. Either way, the “My Ballot” page of iVoterGuide gives any voter anywhere in America access to vital information not found elsewhere IN ONE SINGLE PLACE on the critical races for our nation and their state. The ballot is personalized and easy to usebased on their individual voting address.

Each election cycle, iVoterGuide staff and trained researchers examine donations received by each candidate, as well as donations they have made, using our huge campaign finance database of over 70 million records. They also track more than 3,000 endorsing organizations and aggregate scorecard data from 300+ organizations for thousands of candidates.

What’s more, iVoterGuide enlists rigorously vetted, volunteer panelists—over 1,000 individuals on scores of panels—to comb through this information. They assess campaign finance data, endorsements, legislative scorecards, and iVoterGuide’s carefully worded candidate questionnaires to assign an evaluation of each candidate’s political (or judicial) philosophy. 

Our goal is to give voters a complete picture of each candidate’s record based on what they’ve done, not just what they say they’ll do. That requires volunteers willing and able to measure candidate information against bedrock American principles. This year we have put over 30,000 research hours into this incredible resource.

So feel free to briefly explain to them why iVoterGuide is a great way to confidently and accurately vote for your values and deepest interests . . . and how it works.

Third, DONATE now to iVoterGuide to
help reach more voters before November 3.

Most of our research work is done, but it’s critical to get these pivotal facts before more Americans, and that requires funds for PR and advertising. Every $20 you donate will likely turn out 100 more informed voters. So whether it’s $20, $100, $200, $2,000, or more—in razor- thin races you could make the difference.

Your gift will help voters who share your Christian and conservative views make informed votes. In fact, we know from our data that informing such voters can mean the difference between them “staying home” or getting out to make a confident vote.

Already in 2020 during the primaries, iVoterGuide users made the difference in 17 races for U.S. Congress, 14 state Senate races, 34 state representative races, and more across the nation.

In all, 1.78 million iVoterGuide users contributed heavily to 73 conservative victories in the primaries—73 times where the conservative candidate defeated a moderate or liberal challenge and iVoterGuide voters exceeded their margin of victory! In addition, iVoterGuide users contributed to 389 other conservative victories in the primaries. 

You can give with confidence that you are advancing your values . . . and shaping America’s  future.

Please use this link to give a secure, convenient gift to inform more voters by Election Day on November 3.

For our future,


Debbie Wuthnow
President, iVoterGuide

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